King of Tokyo

I must confess that I don’t own this game. However, five days in Dorset playing this game every night certainly got me hooked. It can be frustrating at first, certainly whilst trying to work out the tactics, but it grows on you! The concept is simple – kill everyone else or reach 20 victory points. …

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If you’re looking for a game that can be completed in 10-15 minutes, Coloretto is a fine choice. It’s a very simple game of collecting coloured cards, but for each pile you collect after the third you start to get negative points. My kids picked this up in no time and they love it. We …

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Wow! We love this game. Bought for me for my birthday earlier this year, this is a cracking game. First time of playing, with four noobs, it took hours. Second time and beyond, streamlined down to under two hours and often around the 60 minute mark. The concept of the game, if you haven’t already …

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